Some kind words from some our loyal clients, social workers and volunteers. More Testimonials to come!


“I am grateful there is a service like this!”

“I am grateful that there is a service like this! I had to be admitted into hospital for an unknown amount of time. I was beside myself when all other avenues were unavailable for my two recently rescued dogs. I didn’t want them caged up in a kennel but I had no family able to help either. Then someone mentioned there might be hope through a service available in Guelph, where I was hospitalized. Once I called, I was almost immediately put at ease.


Pet Protect Guelph gave me peace of mind by placing my two dogs into a temporary foster home until I was discharged. One of them even had special needs and she was accommodated. Both were well looked after. The foster family even sent pics of my babies every week. It was amazing to know they were being cared for and then I could just work on me getting better.

Thank you Emma. Thank you to all the volunteers and temp foster families. I truly can’t thank you enough.”

“Pet Protect is an amazing program!”
– Service User

  • “I was so happy to know my cat, was in good hands while I found a new home. I was suddenly evicted from my place of dwelling with three days notice. I needed someone to foster my pet cat so that she would be comfortable, fed, and most of all, safe. Pet protect was there for my cat and I and even got her yearly shots done as well as I could not afford it. My happy and healthy kitty will be home again on Saturday, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for helping us in our time of need Pet Protect!” 

“I just want say thank you to everyone from Pet Protect for reaching out to me and making sure my fur babies would be safe.”
– Service User

  • “It’s very hard being in an abusive home and trying to live in shelter and wondering day and night about your babies. The people from Pet Protect has given me security and warmth they would be safe . I would highly recommend Pet Protect to other people in need like I am.  LOVE YOU ALL”

“I want to thank you so much for all the help with our dog.”
– Service User

  • “Your program is the best outreach for people in need. I hope more people will be able to be as blessed as we were through our troubling times. Thank you so much.” 

“Pet Protect was there to help give my client peace of mind when she was not able to care for her dog.”

-Outreach Worker

  • “The foster parents cared for her dog like she was their own and provided amazing updates through the coordinator that kept my client connected to her pet. Pet Protect went above and beyond expectations to care for her pet.  This is an amazing and essential service that allows people experiencing crisis or seeking out treatment to focus on what they need to focus on, without having to give up a member of their family.”

“Pet Protect Guelph has been a wonderful group to work with!”
– Foster

  • “They have helped make every new foster transition as smooth as possible and been available at a moments notice for any concerns. Not only do they provide their foster charges with love and lots of yummy pet treats but they also provide their foster home volunteers with human treats as well, always making sure their team of volunteers feel appreciated. Thank you Pet Protect Guelph for making such a difference in our community, I love being able to volunteer with this great organization.” 

“I’ve been a foster since December 2017 and I love it!”
– Foster

  • “PPG is organized and provides great support to all of their foster team. It’s nice to know I am helping people who are in a tough place by looking after their furry loved ones for a bit.” 

“I would recommend being a foster with Pet Protect Guelph because you get so much out of the experience along with providing animals with a safe home and their owners the comfort of knowing their animals are being looked after.” 

– Foster

  • “I was lucky enough to foster an amazing dog who was a delight to have around during exams. He was such a sweetheart who I fell in love with instantly. He would follow me around the house and always loved a good pat! I felt secure knowing he was checked out by a vet before taking care of him so there were no unexpected problems.”

“I am a foster with Pet Protect Guelph and have had the privilege of fostering some very loving and playful cats.”
   – Foster

  • “The experience is so rewarding knowing I am giving a cat or cats a secure and loving home until they can go back to their home. Fostering an animal in your home instead of an animal being boarded in a cage is so much better for the animals well being. They can play, runaround, interact with other animals and people and have the security of being in a loving home and getting love and cuddles all the time. They adjust to other animals in the home within a few days and everyone gets along. If you have ever thought of fostering I say stop thinking of doing it and just go for it, the rewards of seeing the animals happy and content is so worth it.”